Sierra de Aracena (E)

The Sierra de Aracena belongs to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Andalusia and is protected as a natural park. The Sierra de Aracena  is on the west side of the Sierra Morena. The hills are lovely and usually between 400-900 m high.

The landscape is alternately covered with forests, meadows and wild vegetation. Characteristic is a dehesa, a meadow with trees in which the cattle, mainly the famous pata negra pigs, can seek shelter from the hot sun.

A large number of villages are located within the park connected by a network of footpaths. The excellent roads are relatively recent. Before this the residents had to use the donkey paths. The paths are still there and made accessible in recent years. As a result, a walking path network of about 1000 km has been created.

Traditions still play a major role in the villages. The many customs and parties are still lively